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Desi Bouterse is new president of Suriname DSC_152960.jpg
Aart Jacobi Netherlands Ambassador to the Republic of Suriname critiques victory of Desi Bouterse (Desiré Delano Bouterse)'s presidential election.....The Netherlands, the former colonial power, has convicted Bouterse for cocaine trafficking and has an international warrant out for his arrest that complicates any moves by the ex-dictator to leave the country.....Bouterse was sentenced to 11 years in jail in 1999 by the Dutch courts for smuggling 400 kilograms (880 pounds) of cocaine.....Desi Bouterse (Desiré Delano Bouterse) chosen as new president of Suriname by De Nationale Assemblée (DNA) / The National Assemble of Suriname. He took 36 votes of 51 as leader of the Mega Combination. ....Robert_Ameerali the head of KKF (Kamer van Koophandel en Fabrieken) / Chamber of Commerce and Industry also selected as Vice President.....Desi Bouterse (Desiré Delano Bouterse) will sworn at 3 August 2010